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#Business Behavior Part 1

Intercultural competence means being able to communicate and work successfully with people from other cultures. Sometimes this is not so easy. After all, the ideas of what is appropriate in business and private dealings are very different. Do you know, for example, how to greet each other in China, how the French handle punctuality and what clothing is appropriate in Russia?

Let's discover some insights.

United States of America

  • Your charisma when dealing with Americans is ideally self-confident, optimistic and friendly.

  • Criticism or whining is not welcome, but praise may be given effusively.

  • Networking is especially important in the USA. Small talk with colleagues and customers, the mutual introduction of interesting people and invitations to dinner are common and necessary


  • In China, people keep a polite distance from each other, even when greeting each other: A handshake is not very common, but you are on the safe side with a light bow. Be sure to bow as low as your counterpart to show that you are on the same level.

  • Casual clothing is taboo in the business environment, high-quality and expensive clothing is considered to be an appreciation of the business partner. Do not wear white shirts, white is worn at funerals in China. Therefore rely on dark shades.

  • Excessive gestures and hectic waving around are unusual and are considered rude. Pay attention to a calm body language.

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