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#Business Behavior Part2

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Check out the quick facts about Germany & Russia


  • Punctuality is very important. Although some people work on a flexible schedule, those who don't are expected to show up on time. In Germany, that would generally mean being at the workplace five minutes before the actual time you're scheduled to start.

  • Coffee machine behavior is critical. On your first day at the office, you'll be introduced to your colleagues, the work space and – most importantly – the coffee machine.

  • Excursions are part of corporate culture. Many Germans keep a clear separation between work and private life. Still, office excursions are regularly organized to allow employees to socialize and get to know each other better. Taking part in those excursions, known as the "Betriebsausflug," is a way of showing your interest in the team or the company. On those days, people should avoid discussing business topics.


  • Personal ties are extremely important in Russia and open doors that would otherwise remain closed for a long time. For a good cooperation it is therefore essential to build up intensive friendly relationships with Russian business partners.

  • Since status symbols play a certain role in Russia, you should choose your clothes carefully. Branded clothing and valuable accessories are welcome to be shown, thriftiness or stinginess are frowned upon.

  • Be careful with body language: In Russia, the thumbs up does not signal approval, but is a gross insult. Directly expressed criticism is easily perceived as an insult and should therefore be avoided.​

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