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With intercultural trainings you develop your skills for working in an international context.  Check out the video to learn about our trainings!


Face to face or virtual
Flexible schedule 24/7
Training languages are English, German, Spanish and Portugues
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Intercultural Awareness Training

Understanding cultural sensitivity.

  • Refelct your own cultural pattern.

  • Understand the impact of cultural values on people’s behaviour.

  • Earn to recognize and to avoid intercultural misunderstandings.

  • Develop strategies for the behaviour in  international encounters and be able to identify failure and success factors in international relationship building.

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Intercultural Communication Training

Discover diverging communication pattern.

  • Communication styles in international comparison: intentions, possible misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

  • Learn about factors for failure and success in international relationship building: introductions, small talk and non-verbal communication.

  • Understand specific challenges in face-to-face contact, in virtual meetings, emails or on the phone.

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Career Development

Boost your international career.

  • Learn about key skills in order to start or to continue your international journey successfully.

  • Lets get your documents ready! CV, covering letter and much more.

  • Understand the importance of networking.

  • The world of work. How to enter and how to succeed.

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Country-Specific Trainings

Learn more about selected countries.

  • Dive into a foreign country's history and present and get started for your individual mission.

  • Understand the impact of cultural values on people’s behaviour, communication and work style.

  • Gain a better understanding of the local society and traditions and reflect about the country's position on a global scale.

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